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Southpole Logistics Company is based in Nairobi Kenya. Our core business is to offer transport services of cargo by way of road and air, while the subsidiary services are supplies and storage. Although our headquarters are in Kenya, our services spread over the entire East and Central Africa COMESA region. Our sphere of service spills across Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Zambia, Zimbambwe, DRC, Burundi, Ethiopia, Malawi, Rwanda & South Sudan. .....Read More



Being a logistics provider, Southpole Logistics undertakes both short term and long-term, small and big contracts, that entail lifting of cargo from one point to another. This is our core business.

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Our storage facility caters for short term and long term needs, bulky or small items ranging from office-ware, & household goods to motor-vehicles. We store for clients who wish......

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Some of out clients have adopted outsourcing as a tool to ensure that they cut on operational costs and also concentrate on their core activities. In such cases, we are contracted to step in or....

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